Alienware releases DHS2 Media Center

I was extremely excited about receiving this press release from Alienware. Alienware has been extremely supportive of this site and when I got this release I was already counting my savings!

Alienware is proud to announce immediate availability of its new DHS 2 series of media center systems. These systems introduce new functionality and features for the ultimate digital home experience, all designed for the single purpose of delivering the best leisure experience to your household. The new DHS 2 features include Intel’s Pentium® 4 processors, capacity for dual standard definition TV tuners, optional built in wireless networking, Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 and Discover Console Technology.

The Alienware DHS 2 series makes the final leap into the Home A/V world. You won’t be able to tell the back of the DHS 2 series from your other home audio equipment and connecting to your amplifier or directly to powered speakers and tvs,could not be easier “ “in fact use the same cables you already have”.

The Alienware DHS 2 series features the Intel® Pentium 4 processor with HyperThreading Technology. Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology) is ground-breaking technology that changes the landscape of processor design by going beyond GHz to improve processor performance. HyperThreading Technology allows the DHS 2 series to perform two tasks at once “ it’s almost as if there are two processors packed into the same package! This new technology enables better performance with greater efficiency. For the person sitting in the living room, it means that the DHS 2 series will provide the snappy response and great quality.

Perhaps the best new feature added to the new Alienware DHS 2 series of media center systems is the ability to have multiple TV tuners. This feature allows you to record or view multiple TV shows at once. No more fighting over which show your family will watch on Monday nights at 8:00PM. This ability, coupled with an electronic progam guide, means that you can schedule recordings of an entire season, a single show, a weekly time or many more options of your favorite television show.

Another feature of the electronic program guide is the ability to explore TV with ease using the super-fast Media Guide or find movies by time, by rating, even by actor or director with the new Movie Finder that lists what’s on and when.

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