AMD Bets on AI-Infused PCs in Race Against Intel and NVIDIA for Computer Market

AMD Gears Up for AI PCs in Competitive Race Against NVIDIA and Intel

The U.S-based semiconductor giant, Advanced Micro Devices, is betting on artificial intelligence (AI) computers to compete against NVIDIA and Intel. AMD President, Victor Peng expects a robust incorporation of personal computers with AI in the second half of this year. He stated, “The AI computer market will continue to expand“.

AMD’s Advantage in AI PCs

Peng believes that AI computers are becoming more significant and their recent announcements provide a favourable edge in the realm of AI PCs. In the previous month, AMD announced hybrid processors (APU) for desktop PCs, raising user expectations for immense power and superior performance for intensive workloads. This includes gaming and content creation.

AMD's AI PC Venture

AMD Versus NVIDIA and Intel in the AI PC Race

AMD competes in the domain of graphics processors with NVIDIA and Intel, a crucial element for AI and high-performance computations. In December 2023, AMD released new Instinct MI300X accelerators based on graphics processors expected to compete against NVIDIA’s H100 chips. It anticipates capturing a significant market share with the MI300 in servers.

AMD's Edge in the AI PC Market

AMD’s Financial Performance and its AI PC Venture

During the financial report for the fourth quarter, AMD’s executive vice-president, Jean Hu, reported a boost in revenue annually in data centre and embedded systems segments. Furthermore, the successful launch of AMD Instinct MI300 accelerators has been pivotal in increasing product sales in this segment in 2024.

NVIDIA’s Dominance in the AI PC Market

NVIDIA currently holds sway in the market for graphics processors for accelerators used in AI applications. Most generative AI models use NVIDIA’s graphics processors such as H100. They have further announced new GeForce RTX 4000 Super video cards intended specifically for running generative AI applications on PCs.

NVIDIA's Dominance in AI PC Market

Intel’s AI PC Move

In December, Intel launched mobile processors, Core Ultra with AI support. These processors are projected for use in “more than 230 world-first AI PCs from companies such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo“.

Intel's AI PC Advance

The Future of AI in PCs

The President and CEO of HP, Enrique Lores, asserted in November that AI computers will have tremendous impacts on the overall PC category while adding that it might “take some time” before they are widely diffused.

Market Research Insights

According to research firm Canalys, the boom in generative AI will lead to an increase in PC sales as consumers show growing interest in such devices. Canalys predicts that by 2027, 60% of computers sold will support AI algorithm acceleration. IDC also forecasts that AI devices may initially be aimed at some segments of the corporate PC market, but a broader range of applications and reduced costs may eventually expand their adoption in a wider consumer market.

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