NVIDIA Starts 2024 with a Record Market Capitalization Growth, Increasing by $128 Billion in the First 9 Days

NVIDIA, the tech titan, has marked the commencement of 2024 as its most successful yet, boasting a stunning 240% increase in its share prices over the previous year. These notable accomplishments establish NVIDIA as a dominant leader in the sphere of artificial intelligence, continuously fortifying its position.

A Record-Breaking Market Capitalization Surge

In January 2024, NVIDIA reported a record surge in market capitalization, adding about $128 billion to its valuation as its shares rose by 10% in the first nine trading days of the year. This unprecedented start sets a new benchmark for NVIDIA’s leading performance in the market.

NVIDIA Outperforms the Market Trend and ‘Magnificent Seven’

NVIDIA’s growth trend not only outstripped the general market trend this year but also exceeded other high market capitalization firms in the ‘Magnificent Seven’ — major players in the tech industry. This ongoing growth trajectory has thrilled investors supportive of NVIDIA’s potential, reiterating that the artificial intelligence development trend retains its relevance.

NVIDIA Strengthens Position in S&P 500 Index

NVIDIA’s accomplishment has turned the company into one of the spotlighted entities on the S&P 500 index map, poised to set new records amidst corporate profits concerns and anticipated US Federal Reserve (FRS) interest rate cuts.

High Praise From Banrion Capital Management

Shana Sissel, CEO of Banrion Capital Management LLC, praised NVIDIA: “From my perspective, NVIDIA is the best of its kind. It’s hard to find serious flaws“. She underscored NVIDIA’s dominant market position, strong customer relationships, and impressive growth pace.

Growth in NVIDIA's market capitalization over the first 9 trading days each year (Source Image: Bloomberg)

Comparison with Previous-Year Performance and Future Expectations

Despite the remarkable capitalization increase in the prior year, NVIDIA managed to outperform in early 2023, sparking its record rally. This dramatic rise came after its share prices fell by half in 2022. Analysts speculate that NVIDIA’s target share price could reach $650 in the next 12 months, denoting a potential 19% rise for the company with a market capitalization exceeding $1.3 trillion.

New Releases and Investor Confidence

At the CES show this month, NVIDIA bolstered investor confidence even further by unveiling three new desktop graphics chips enabling enhanced AI utilization. The firm’s shares received an additional boost last week when the CFO, Colette Kress, confirmed CEO Jensen Huang’s statements that growth plans extend through 2025.

Simultaneously, analysts from Piper Sandler & Co., led by Harsh V. Kumar, noted after meeting NVIDIA management at CES: “We believe there is evidence of a high degree of confidence that NVIDIA will have solid orders throughout calendar 2024.”

Anticipated Fourth Quarter Results

NVIDIA is set to release its Q4 2023 earnings report next month. Analysts anticipate the company’s revenues to have surged by around 230% during this period, following the 206% increase in Q3 of the same year, according to Bloomberg data.

NVIDIA Dominates AI Arena on Multiple Fronts

The onset of 2024 has not only been marked by substantial breakthroughs against the prevailing market trend for NVIDIA, but it has also strengthened its foothold as a leading player in the sphere of AI and high technology. NVIDIA’s growth, along with its strategic initiatives, are commanding attention worldwide from investors and analysts, reinforcing its role as a significant participant in the tech industry.

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