“Elevate from Junior to Middle Developer over the Summer with a Gift Course from Practicum”

A study conducted by LinkedIn has established that ‘soft-skilled’ employees get promoted 8% quicker compared to those with only hard skills. The combination of both skill sets accelerates promotion by 13%.

The top five skills facilitating career advancement are:

  • Teamwork : +11 %
  • Problem-solving skills: +11 %
  • Communications: +11 %
  • Organizational skills: +11 %
  • Leadership skills: +10 %

Consistency also plays a crucial role in this context. Professionals who develop their skills several times a year get promoted 11% faster.

In conclusion, strong soft skills are pivotal for career development. Therefore, the “Yandex Practicum” is offering the mini-course, “Workplace Communication Skills” for anyone purchasing any specialist course until June 30th.

There are no deadlines — you can learn at your convenience. Three modules are available, where users can:

  • Analyse their audience for effective communication;
  • Clearly structure information and deliver their ideas;
  • Manage audience attention using storytelling and other techniques;
  • Obtain desired results from meetings;
  • Resolve conflicts and find solutions that satisfy everyone.

Tests at the end of each module will help consolidate the learning material. Additionally, learners will be able to implement their knowledge immediately into their work processes.

Spend your summer with “Practicum” and return to work as a more confident professional. Or, prepare for a new job search: the market will revive after vacation season, with more job openings.

Further details about the course and the offer are available on the “Practicum” website.

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