Mastero Power Supplies – Affordable, High-Quality Solutions for Office and Gaming PCs

The Mastero brand presents three power supply unit (PSU) series on the Russian market: M, K, and LE, having power outputs ranging from 450 to 800 watts. These units are engineered for workstations, multimedia, and gaming computers. With the exclusion of M400, the PSUs comply with the 80 PLUS energy efficiency level and come with a three-year warranty.

PSU Specifications

The Mastero PSUs from the LE, K, and M series vary not only in power output but also in the type of power factor corrector (PFC) utilised:

  • LE Series: 450, 500 and 600 watts (ATX, passive PFC – PPFC).
  • M Series: 400 watts (SFX, absence of PFC); 450, 500, and 600 watts (ATX, active PFC – APFC).
  • K Series: 700 and 800 watts (ATX, APFC).
Power Supply Units

Additional Features

The Mastero power supplies are equipped with a full set of protective features, including an EMI filter to guard against electromagnetic interference. Such a dedication to reliability is not often seen in power supplies of the budget price category.

Protection features

Silent fans with automatic speed control are used to cool PSU components. The Mastero M400 is fitted with an 80mm fan, while ATX format models have 120mm fans.

Cooling fan

The M and LE series power supplies come with braided cables, whereas the K series models have flat cables. The cables are long and would not cause any connection issues, even with the PSU mounted at the top. For instance, even the LE series’ entry-level models have a 63cm long CPU power cable.

Further Reading

You can learn more about Mastero PSU schematics and load characteristics from the following reviews: Mastero M600, Mastero K700 and K800, and Mastero LE500.

Mastero PSU Prices

Starting from 2021, Mastero has been producing components, peripherals, and system units designed for various tasks, from office work to video production. The electronic components are made in China, while the PCs are assembled in Russia. Mastero’s peripherals and components come with up to a 10-year warranty and PCs with a 3-year warranty. Across Russia, users can get prompt consultation and technical support.

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