AMD to Launch DLSS Equivalent – An AI Image Upscaling Technology in Games

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) scaling technology, introduced in 2021, three years after NVIDIA DLSS technology’s debut, may soon incorporate AI algorithms. The first iteration of FSR was rooted in simple spatial scaling and shifted to more complex temporal scaling with the roll-out of FSR 2; notably, without leveraging AI algorithms.

Key Differentiator of AMD’s FSR Technology

FSR’s primary distinction rests in its non-reliant stance on AI algorithms, meaning it doesn’t require specific hardware modules in the video card’s graphics processor to function efficiently. This differentiates FSR from NVIDIA’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS technologies, both of which utilize AI to rectify image artifacts. To run DLSS, tensor cores are required, whilst XeSS is released in two versions; one relies on XMX-cores included in Intel’s GPU video cards, and the other depends on DPAa instructions supported by other manufacturers’ video cards.

Implications for AMD’s Future Development

Signs are pointing to AMD exploring AI integration within their upscaling technology, following a hint from their CTO, Mark Papermaster.

“2024 will be a very important year for us. We’ve spent many years developing hardware and software capabilities for AI. We’ve just finished developing artificial intelligence across our product portfolio, including cloud, peripheral devices, PCs, as well as for our embedded and gaming devices. We’re endowing our gaming devices with the ability to scale images with artificial intelligence. Broad deployment [of this technology] is expected this year. We now have all the capabilities for this. We have already informed our partners,” Papermaster stated.

Interpreting Papermaster’s Indication

Papermaster’s words suggest that the company is now capable of implementing AI within FSR. Although, there’s no direct mention of FSR in his statement, considering his comments around gaming equipment, it’s reasonable to presume he was referring to the FSR technology. An AI support underpinning would make it, akin to DLSS and XeSS.

FSR’s Platform Accessibility

In conclusion, it’s important to keep in mind that while DLSS and XeSS are proprietary technologies, FSR is currently open. Whether FSR’s openness will be impacted by a shift to an AI-based foundation is yet to be established.

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