Announcement of Core Ultra 200 Desktop and Mobile Chips Expected in September — Intel Schedules Innovation 2024 Conference

Intel’s annual Innovation Conference not only serves as a platform for presentations and high-level executive speeches, but also facilitates meetings among developers, company heads, and hardware architects. New consumer products are often announced at the event, and this year’s anticipation is particularly centered around the Arrow Lake processors.

Scheduled for September 24-25, the exact details of this year’s Innovation event are yet to be disclosed by Intel. However, the unveiling of the new series of mobile and desktop processors, Core Ultra 200 (Arrow Lake), is widely anticipated.

At last year’s Innovation event, the company introduced Intel’s 12th generation Core desktop processors (Alder Lake). The forthcoming Innovation Conference is expected to spotlight the 13th generation Core desktop chips (Raptor Lake), and last year marked the announcement of mobile Core Ultra 100 (Meteor Lake). Intel also shared insights on Lunar Lake and Panther Lake processors and provided details on the 5th generation Xeon Scalable server processors (Emerald Rapids).

In addition to the Core Ultra 200 (Arrow Lake), the upcoming conference is likely to shed light on the Xeon Granite Rapids server chips and the Gaudi 3 AI accelerators.

Intel has previously confirmed a Q4 launch for the Arrow Lake processors, making an announcement at Innovation 2024 plausible. Further details about the Arrow Lake platform are expected to emerge during the Computex 2024 exhibition. This event, starting within a few days, is also anticipated to feature Intel discussing the new 800-series chipsets for motherboards to be used with new desktop processors.

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