“Odnoklassniki”, “VK Music”, and “Dzen” Lose Audience Due to New Counting Methods

Popular Platforms VK Lose Audience in Q1 2024 due to New Counting Methodologies

The first quarter of 2024 saw a decline in the audience of three VK platforms: “Odnoklassniki”, “Dzen”, and “VK Muzyka”. The downturn was attributed to new counting methodologies and changes in user habits, as per a VK company report cited by RBC.


The monthly audience of “Odnoklassniki” in Q1 2024 totalled 35 million users, a 5% decrease from the same period last year when it was 37 million. This social network has been losing users for several years now, with 38 million reported in 2022 and 40 million in 2021. VK explained that the platform is developing content consumption by attracting authors and producing its own shows. Numerous users watch these shows without registering and thus are not included in the statistics. However, VK noted that the count of such users has increased by several million in the past year.

VK Muzyka

The monthly audience of the streaming service “VK Muzyka” stood at 38 million, marking a 7% decrease from the 41 million recorded the previous year. This shift, VK explained, is due to changes in user behavior, with users increasingly listening to music not on VK Muzyka, but also on “VK Clips”, through the smart speaker “VK Capsule”, and even on the VKontakte social network. As a result, the audience has been distributed among these other services. Despite this dispersal, VK Muzyka’s number of paying subscribers has grown by 49% year on year, VK pointed out.


Lastly, Dzen’s daily audience in Q1 2024 was 31.4 million, down by 3.7% from the 32.5 million recorded in the previous year. This negative trend, however, was linked to the distinctive counting procedures of Mediascope, which were altered in December 2023. Counted by the previous methodology, Dzen’s audience grew by 18% compared to Q1 2023, VK clarified.

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