Intel Releases Driver Supporting Destiny 2: The Final Shape and Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Intel has released its Arc Graphics WHQL driver update which brings improved performance and support for new gaming extensions. Two noteworthy additions are Destiny 2: The Final Shape and Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. The package also enhances the performance of the Arc Graphics for certain games based on the older DirectX 11 and 10 API.

Compared to the previous driver (version, the 101.5590 update bolsters the performance of Intel Arc A-series video graphic cards and Meteor Lake processors (Сore Ultra 100). Significant improvements include:

  • 13% performance increase in Chivalry 2 (DX11) at a 1080p resolution with epic quality settings;
  • Up to 16% better performance in Chivalry 2 (DX11) at 1080p with medium quality settings;
  • Up to 10% enhancement in Crysis (2007) (DX10) at 1080p with very high quality settings;
  • Up to 6% performance increase in Crysis (2007) (DX10) at 1080p with extreme quality settings.

Fixed issues include:

  • Occasional crashes in No Rest for the Wicked (DX11) during gameplay.

However, the update also comes with a list of known issues:

  • Potential crashes in No Man’s Sky (VK) when minimizing the game window (Alt + Tab);
  • Occasional crashes in Enshrouded (VK);
  • Intermittent flickering and distortions in Doom Eternal (VK) in the menu and gameplay;
  • PugetBench extended preset may fail on certain Adobe Premiere Pro processing tests;
  • Potential errors in Topaz Video AI when utilizing some enhancement models;
  • Possible crashes in Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (DX12) during gameplay loading before full shader compilation in the main menu;
  • Crashes in Procyon AI during Float32 performance checks;
  • Activating Endurance Gaming feature could result in VSync persisting even after Endurance Gaming is turned off in-game. Restarting the game fixes the issue;
  • Occasional crashes in Dragon Quest X Online (DX9) when using graphics built into Core 12–14th generation processors.

The updated Arc Graphics WHQL driver can be downloaded from Intel’s official website.

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