Announcing Life is Strange: Double Exposure, where an older Max from the first installment resumes her prior adventures.

The video game development studio Deck Nine Games, in partnership with publisher Square Enix, has announced “Life is Strange: Double Exposure,” the latest chapter in the Life is Strange adventure series. This new installment features an older version of Max Caulfield, the protagonist from the first series.

In Double Exposure, Max investigates the murder of her close friend Safi. After years of abstaining, Max uses her superpower to aid in her inquiry but unexpectedly opens a portal to a parallel universe. Here, her friend is still alive, but danger is imminent.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure
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A significant feature of Life is Strange: Double Exposure is the ability to travel between worlds in order to gather evidence, find allies, and gather any information that could lead to the killer. The developers were also clear about which ending of the original Life is Strange is considered canon in the debut trailer.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be available for purchase starting October 29 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The developers also plan to release the game on Nintendo Switch, although the release date for this platform will be announced later. The game’s Steam page indicates a planned text translation into the Russian language.

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