Seven years after its release, PUBG: Battlegrounds will transition to Unreal Engine 5 and incorporate destructible environments.

Following seven years on the market, PUBG: Battlegrounds continues to keep its gaming community engaged, with PUBG Studios sharing its development plans for 2024.

The team has confirmed that by the end of 2024, PUBG: Battlegrounds will transition from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5,,resulting in higher-quality graphics that cover the gaming world, characters, transport, weaponry and more.

There are also plans to introduce destructible elements into the environment, including buildings and landscape features. The ability to build fortifications will also be added. These mechanics will begin to feature in the game from the April update.

 Image showcasing the upcoming feature that will allow gamers to dig trenches in PUBG: Battlegrounds. (Image Source: PUBG Studios)

The developers also plan to add features for generating user-friendly content, expand existing mechanics, and add new ones such as a team confrontation system.

Other improvements on the agenda of PUBG Studios include regular balance updates every two months, enhancements to player matchup, ranked matches with exclusive rewards and an improved anti-cheat system.

 PUBG: Battlegrounds developers managing to ban almost 3.2 million cheaters in 2023 (Image Source: PUBG Studios)

The next update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, version 28.2, will be launched on March 13th. It will include balance changes and celebratory content to mark the game’s seventh-anniversary.

Launched on Steam’s Early Access on March 23, 2017, it reached version 1.0 by December 2017. Since then, it has been released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, rebranded as PUBG: Battlegrounds, and has become conditionally free.

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