It Takes Two No Longer Requires EA App Installation on Steam and is Fully Compatible with Steam Deck, But There’s a Catch

Electronic Arts and Hazelight Studios have released a patch for their cooperative adventure platformer, It Takes Two, bringing several welcome updates to Steam users.

Removal of EA App Launcher Requirement

With the new update, players no longer need the EA App launcher to enjoy It Takes Two locally or via Remote Play Together. However, an EA account is still necessary for online gameplay, as online multiplayer is managed on Electronic Arts servers.

Full Compatibility with Steam Deck

Another significant update is that It Takes Two is now fully compatible with the Steam Deck. It supports Steam Family Sharing and allows game invitations to be sent and received directly through the Steam friends list.

Free Version of It Takes Two Updated

The developers also updated the free version of It Takes Two from Friend’s Pass. Like the full game, it will operate without the EA App. Players may use the previous version, though it lacks the advantages provided by Steam integration.

Image of It Takes Two's updated version

I​ssue with Saved User Data

On a less positive note, It Takes Two’s saved data stored in EA App’s cloud have become inaccessible following the game’s transition to Steam Cloud. This issue could result in progress loss for some players.

In response, EA has apologized for the inconvenience and suggested those affected to download this completed game save and copy it to this directory: C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalItTakesTwo.

It Takes Two was launched in March 2021 and is currently available on PC (Steam, EA App), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and Nintendo Switch. The title was recognized as Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021 and has sold over 16 million copies to date.

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