“Norco Creators To Release Silenus – A ‘Micro-adventure’ about an Android in an AI Populated Factory, Unique Demo Now Available on Steam”

The creative alliance, Geography of Robots, which brought the surrealistic game Norco to players in 2022, is preparing for the release of a new project. The upcoming project is called Silenus and has already received an “experimental” demo on Steam.

Silenus is set around the Gulf Flow oil refinery now controlled by the mysterious Rubens Link Corporation. The company claims to be introducing automation technologies, but the real situation is far more complex.

Players will assume the role of the flagship android, Titan, developed by Rubens Link. Players will have to navigate the convolution at Gulf Flow using the Titan robot.

Screenshots of Silenus
Silenus Screenshot 1

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As a gamer, you need to explore a 3D environment, decode hints from computer records, discarded diaries, remains of missing workers, solve puzzles, and interact with unique characters.

For Silenus, the developers again teamed up with Louisiana sludge band Thou (see Norco). The band is preparing a new album, Umbilical, to be released on May 31, and the experimental nature of the game demo is also credited to them.

Silenus demo screen

The demo version allows you to unlock every track from Umbilical and listen to them in the in-game player (available in the main menu and on the pause screen). Developers warn the project will significantly change before its release.

Silenus is marketed as a two-and-a-half-hour “micro-adventure” and has yet to announce an official release date. The demo will be available until May 31. Meanwhile, Norco is available on Steam at a 60% discount until the 23rd (220 rubles).

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