Announcing Technotopia, a city-building card roguelike where AI attempts to create a utopian future for humanity.

Alawar Publisher in collaboration with Yustas Games Studio, known for the Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe, Viking Heroes, Golden Rails and New Yankee series, has announced a new project titled Technotopia, a card-based city-building roguelike game.

In the plot of Technotopia, the world is gripped by social and economic conflicts. Only one metropolis has managed to maintain stability, yet it is barely able to sustain the precarious balance of power due to resource constraints.

In response to the global crisis, a decision was been made to develop an algorithm capable of planning the perfect city for all social strata. This led to the creation of Iris, an AI programmed to build a utopia.

As players, you are tasked with managing a deck of cards resembling skyscrapers, parks, residential blocks, and transportation networks. You’ll also be required to balance zones of influence among factions such as capitalists, aristocrats, politicians, and citizens.

In the role of Iris, you’ll also need to control unexpected events triggered by your actions (like fires, gang attacks, etc.) and seek assistance from notable city dwellers such as hackers, oligarchs, criminals, and inventors.

Technotopia screenshots

“Keep an eye on the life of the city, manage the factions, meet the diverse needs of numerous communities to maintain balance, and strive to build a utopian future for humanity!” the authors encourage.

Based on the simple announcement teaser (attached above), Technotopia is set to hit the market via Steam in 2024.

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