Gameplay Demonstration Reveals Release Date for Ara: History Untold – Xbox’s Answer to “Civilization”

Xbox Game Studios along with Oxide Games have unexpectedly unveiled their ambitious historical strategy game, Ara: History Untold. The public presentation disclosed the release date for the game.

Originally announced in 2022, Ara: History Untold was initially slated to launch within a year. Nevertheless, the game’s premiere had to be postponed to fall 2024.

The game will exclusively be released on PC platforms; Steam, Microsoft Store, PC Game Pass on September 24th. The announcement took place during a recent episode of the official Xbox podcast (attached below).

Similar to the Civilization series, Ara: History Untold invites players to lead their nation through centuries of progress. However, several unique features distinguish this project from its genre counterparts.

Ara: History Untold fuses traditional mechanics with an absence of conventional victory conditions – Prestige points instead, a non-linear technology tree and the simultaneous turn for all countries with games divided into acts.

Image illustrating gameplay aspects of Ara: History Untold

The game promises an expansive and vivid world, dozens of historical leaders with unique gameplay styles, 12 technological eras, asynchronous cloud multiplayer, and a text translated into Russian.

In January, the creators of Ara: History Untold expressed their commitment to support the game for a minimum of five years with a variety of updates, minor expansions, and large-scale add-ons featuring even more unique features.

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