Apple accused of blocking Spotify’s iOS update featuring alternative payment options

Apple Faces Another Spotify Challenge Over Blocked Software Update

The multinational technology company, Apple, is facing further complaints from Spotify. This follows on from their previous confrontation earlier this month where Spotify complained to the European Commission. Consequently, the EU’s key industry regulator handed Apple a fine of €1.84 billion for abusing its dominant position within the music streaming sector for iOS devices.

Spotify’s New Complaint Against Apple’s Restrictions

Spotify, the owner of the namesake music service, has now lodged a new grievance claiming that Apple has blocked an update for the company’s iOS version of the app. Spotify submitted an update to Apple on the 5th of March. This update included links to Spotify’s website as well as details about the cost of service subscriptions and ongoing promotions. This was an attempt by the company to facilitate transactions that would bypass Apple’s payment system.

Previously, the European Union had ordered Apple to allow third-party developers to relay information to users about alternative music services that might be more affordable.

Apple’s Response to the European Commission’s Decision

Apple’s response to the European Commission’s verdict was to declare its intent to appeal, citing several ways that Apple creates value for Spotify without incurring any costs for their company. Among other things, they stated that the app review team had approved the 421st version of Spotify. Apple also noted that they typically review updates for Spotify within a day of submission and often expedite this process at the request of the music service’s owner.

Unanswered Allegations And Spotify’s Continuing Struggle

Despite Apple’s comments, Spotify stated they have received no response from Apple since submitting the update for review. In their complaint, they mentioned that this is another example of how Apple will attempt to circumvent or fail to comply with the European Commission’s decision if they are not stopped. Spotify is also urging the European Commission to put pressure on Apple so that the American company will approve the aforementioned update for Spotify as soon as possible. So far, official representatives of Apple have not commented on this situation.

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