Apple and OpenAI to Announce Collaboration at WWDC Conference in June

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to commence on June 10 this year. The iPhone maker is expected to make several vital announcements concerning the artificial intelligence (AI) based features that await the company’s device users. Reports suggest that Apple is also set to formalize its partnership with OpenAI, the developers behind the popular AI-bot, ChatGPT.

Apple is said to be planning to implement AI-based functionalities not only on user devices but also through its cloud infrastructure. According to Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, Apple and OpenAI are “preparing a major partnership announcement at the WWDC”. He added that OpenAI is assessing its resource availability to ensure that it can manage the potential influx of new customers from iPhone users.

Media outlets previously reported that the companies were at the final negotiation stages to implement AI-bot ChatGPT’s support on iOS 18. It appears that these talks have been successful. It was also reported that Apple was in discussions with Google to use the Gemini algorithm on its iPhone, but they did not reach an agreement.

Besides the integration of OpenAI technologies into iOS 18, other AI features are expected to be announced. These include the ability to summarize messages in iMessage using neural networks. A similar feature for the Safari browser will produce summary information of the viewed web pages.

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