The Ministry of Digital Development contemplates integrating “Gosuslugi” into “Yandex” and “Sber” smart speakers.

Russian Ministry to Introduce Government Services through Smart Speakers

The Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media (Ministry of Communications) is collaborating with leading domestic manufacturers of smart speakers to implement the provision of governmental services through these devices. According to Oleg Kachanov, the Deputy Minister of Digital Development, this initiative was disclosed at the CIPR-2024 conference.

When asked if the Ministry was seriously discussing the possibility of offering government services through smart speakers, Mr. Kachanov responded affirmatively. He revealed that steps were being taken to interact with the largest Russian manufacturers of such devices.

“We actually have our first result. We have provided some services for registration on ‘Alice’. We are working with ‘Sber’ so that part of the services are available on ‘Sber Salut’”, stated Kachanov, referring to the voice assistants used in smart speakers of ‘Yandex’ and ‘Sber’.

According to the Deputy Minister, government services should be “accessible from all surfaces.” Kachanov clarified that this meant presence on various gadgets – on smartphones, smart speakers, in speech and text assistants, and also on smart TVs.

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