Google Blocks Another Function – RCS on Rooted Android Devices

Blocked RCS Function Targeting Rooted Android Phones

Users of rooted Android devices, which are devices with unlocked privileged access to the OS, have started reporting a sudden inability to send and receive Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages. These reports have been posted on the “Google Messages” support page, Reddit, and the XDA forum.

RCS Chats Failure Reports

According to several users, RCS chats have suddenly stopped working despite the “Google Messages” app indicating an established connection. Further, one user noted that RCS messages simply disappear upon pressing the send button. Responding to an inquiry by The Verge, Google’s representative Ivy Hunt stated that the company is “ensuring that devices used for sending and receiving messages follow the operational measures defined by the RCS standard”. In other words, Google is blocking RCS on rooted phones.

Hunt added, “Google alternates numerous solutions to provide Android users with sufficient communication options—devices that may not have access to one communication protocol will always have access to at least another. In this case, users who cannot work with RCS still retain access to SMS and MMS”. RCS continues to face spam issues; in 2022 India felt the need to disable advertising in RCS.

Security Measures by Other Apps

Certain banking and payment apps, including Google Pay/Wallet, as a security measure, refuse to work on rooted devices. Usually, they display a warning upon launch that the device is unsupported. Apparently, “Google Messages” did not provide such a warning before blocking the RCS on rooted phones.

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