Winamp to Transform into an Open-Source Media Player

Winamp Set for a Revamp as Open-Source Media Player this Mid-Year

Streaming platform giant Llama Group announces their plan to release the final version of Winamp, a music streaming platform that targets not just listeners, but also artists, in the middle of the summer. The former popular standalone media player is not disappearing anytime soon. Llama Group intends to convert the player’s source code to an open-source platform, inviting developers worldwide to further evolve the project.

Winamp’s Open Source Journey Begins September 24, 2024

Starting September 24, 2024, developers interested in Winamp’s future can acquire a Llama Group license to work with the player’s code. Current information reveals that the company is scouting programmers keen on developing the application, but Llama Group will retain complete control over Winamp’s official version.

Llama Group Announces FreeLlama Project Collaboration

The impending collaboration with third-party developers is under the framework of the FreeLlama project. Llama Group calls out for willing developers to connect with the company and make their contribution to the table. The company is searching for individuals ready to share their experience, ideas, and fervor to help advance the iconic musical player’s further evolution.

Winamp’s Survival Over the Years

Although Winamp first debuted during Windows 95, it has managed to survive until the present day and remained a fully functional music player supporting a broad range of audio formats. Llama Group believes that Winamp is more than just a music player; it embodies a unique digital culture, aesthetic, and user experience. The FreeLlama initiative seeks to materialize the expectations of millions of users who still listen to music using the tried-and-true Winamp player.

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