AI Reaches the Clipboard of Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced a new intelligent feature, Advanced Paste, to the PowerToys utility suite for Windows 11. The purpose of this AI-enabled feature is to simplify user workflows by allowing on-the-fly conversion of clipboard content.

Advanced Paste Functionality

The Advanced Paste function debuted in the 0.81 version of PowerToys. Once activated, it can be called upon using the Win + Shift + V key combination. A popup context window then appears, offering options for formatting clipboard content before pasting; for example, the user can select plain text, text with markup, or JSON format.

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Integrating AI

The AI-enhanced settings of Advanced Paste also include an option called ‘Paste with AI’ which connects to OpenAI resources. This option further offers various AI-driven services such as summarizing text, translation, code generation, rewriting text in a business style, ‘Yoda Notation’ for developers, or sending another AI request. To access these AI features, however, users need to input their OpenAI API key in the PowerToys settings and purchase credits for their account in the OpenAI ecosystem.

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