Microsoft Adds AI-powered Image Generator to Paint for Text Descriptions or Sketches

Microsoft has expanded the capabilities of its graphic editor, Paint, to generate images based on users’ instructions or sketches. This is made possible through the new artificial intelligence (AI) based tool, Cocreator.

A Blend of AI and Creativity

Microsoft, the software behemoth, has been experimenting with generating images using neural networks in Paint for a while now. Early versions of the Cocreator tool became available to developers and to the participants of the Windows Insider preview program in the fall of last year. However, it was only recently, in conjunction with the announcement of Copilot Plus PC, a Windows computer equipped with hardware for operating AI, that the image generation feature in Paint was officially launched.

Demonstrating the Power of Cocreator

During the event, a Microsoft representative showed how Cocreator combines a user’s Paint sketches with additional text prompts to create a complete image. The tool offers the capability for users to adjust the level of AI algorithm intervention in their work. This control allows users to regulate the extent to which the Cocreator modifies the original sketch. The developers noted that generating images based on sketches and text prompts works faster than creating images solely based on descriptions. Furthermore, this approach allows users to achieve more accurate results that meet their requirements.

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