Sony PlayStation 5 finally to receive full support from Discord

Sony has announced the expansion of Discord support for the PlayStation 5 (PS5), which will allow users to join voice chats directly from the console.

Evolution of Discord Support on PS5

Discord support on PS5 appeared last year, forcing users to manually switch calls from the Discord mobile or desktop application to the console. However, the process is about to become simpler, as a future update will enable users to join voice chats directly via the console app. This enhancement will render Discord capabilities on the PS5 almost comparable to what is currently available to Microsoft Xbox console users.

Social Sharing Features for PlayStation Network Profile

Besides enabling voice chats, Sony is also providing an option to share PlayStation Network profiles across various messaging apps and social networks. A “Share Profile” feature will soon be available in the PlayStation mobile app. This function generates a link or QR code that users can share with others to connect as friends.

Expansion and Release of Discord’s New Features

The roll-out of these expanded Discord capabilities will take several weeks. PlayStation 5 owners in Japan and other Asian nations are set to receive the update first. Subsequently, it will become available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, as well as the USA and Canada. To utilize these features, users will need to update their PlayStation 5 software to the latest version and link their PlayStation Network account with their Discord account.

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