Apple Mac Studio and Mac Pro will not receive the latest M4 processors this year

Apple’s M4 Chip Entering Computers in 2022

Apple’s most powerful processor, the M4, is predicted to start showing up in the brand’s computers in 2022 after being recently introduced in the iPad Pro. However, the desktop solutions – Mac Studio and Mac Pro are not expected to receive the upgrade before year’s end, according to Bloomberg, citing its informed sources.

Apple’s MacBook Air Misses Out on M4 Upgrade

The MacBook Air is another Apple product not slated for the M4 upgrade this year, making the iPad Pro one of the fastest Apple devices for single-threaded tasks for the next 12 months, according to The Verge. The current M2 Ultra chip falls short of the new M4 in single-threaded tasks and also in multi-threaded tasks. Therefore, paradoxically, the iPad Pro is predicted to outperform Apple’s desktop systems until they receive the M4 chip. According to Bloomberg, the Mac Studio should receive the upgrade mid-2025, with the Mac Pro following suit by the end of 2025.

Differences Between Pro-Series Devices

However, the iPad Pro’s operational system differs significantly, else making it incomparable with Apple’s desktop systems. Further, the Mac Studio and Mac Pro have more expandability and connectivity options and greater memory capacity. They are better suited for stationary use due particularly to being connectable to larger displays. Hence, stating that they compete directly with the iPad Pro would be unconsidered.

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