Arc Search Browser Now Lets You Make Internet Searches from Your Smartphone

Application developers at The Browser Company have added a new feature, Call Arc, to their app, Arc Search. The app combines web browsing and search system functions and offers artificial intelligence-based technologies. Notably, this new feature enables search queries through an imitation phone call.

Voice Search Steps up with the Call Arc Function

While Arc Search already supported voice search, the developers believe that Call Arc will be a sought-after way to get quick answers on the go. The company points out that at this stage, this tool can assist in finding answers to urgent and not overly complicated questions.

To engage with Call Arc, users need to launch Arc Search, hold their smartphone to their ear, and ask their query. The app processes the request and delivers a spoken response, making the interaction with this new feature quite akin to a regular phone conversation. The developers claim that Arc Call represents a new approach to voice search, providing answers faster than text-input queries. At the same time, it remains as uncomplicated as having a chat on the phone.

Interacting with Call Arc

When interacting with Call Arc, users can use natural language to pose queries and get swift responses. This is not limited to a single query; users can ask supplementary questions and switch topics. When Call Rec is activated, an animated emoji appears on the screen, its mouth moving as the algorithm responds to user queries.

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