ASRock Doesn’t Release GeForce Graphics Card Due To Challenges

ASRock Continues Partnership with AMD & Intel, Shies away from NVIDIA

ASRock, a long-standing manufacturer of high-quality motherboards, recently expanded its output to include graphic accelerators. While they’re involved in producing cards for AMD and Intel, the company is seemingly hesitant to extend this partnership to NVIDIA.

After the release of Intel Arc’s discrete video cards, ASRock displayed a swift response, incorporating them into regular production and often offering nonstandard versions, such as the Arc A770. As one of the most valued partner of AMD, ASRock carries a vast range of products, unlike rivals like MSI who gradually reduced the output of the Radeon series. ASRock’s focus on affordable PCs has made it a popular brand amongst budget PC builders. The company often rides the wave of price reductions, swiftly launching cost-effective models.

Despite the success in mass producing AMD and Intel graphics, ASRock hasn’t shown any intent to venture into NVIDIA video card production, disregarding circulating rumors.

In a recent interview with several Korean media outlets, a spokesperson for ASRock admitted their absence from NVIDIA’s production line. They said, “This is quite a complex matter. Companies like ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI produce both NVIDIA and AMD. These brands have been around for longer than us. Back when they were founded, not only ATI and NVIDIA existed, but also manufacturers like Elsa. At that time, no one had a dominant position. But as time passed, NVIDIA started dominating the market, and producing NVIDIA video cards became prestigious. I believe the reasons are not simple. For ASRock, which is currently manufacturing AMD and Intel video cards, it seems a challenge to immediately start producing NVIDIA video cards,” VideoCardz quoted the representative.

The complex nature of NVIDIA relations is exemplified by the case with EVGA, a long-time partner who, after a conflict, stopped video card production. Given NVIDIA’s market dominance, it would necessitate a significant shift in ASRock’s product planning strategy in the graphics industry. At this point, the ASRock representative suggested that such a move would be challenging.

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