The head of development for both Titanfall games is working on a new game in the series, but there’s a catch

Jeff Grubb, a journalist from Giant Bomb, has shared insider details about one of the current projects of Respawn Entertainment in the Game Mess Mornings podcast here.

Electronic Arts canceled the development of at least two new games from Respawn in the last year. These include Titanfall Legends, a solo shooter, and a “Star Wars” shooter about a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

Grubb states that still under Respawn’s development is a project set in the Titanfall universe, helmed by the duology director Steve Fukuda. Vince Zampella also referred to this game last spring here.

 Image Source: Steam (akif de-Vil.)

If Grubb’s information is accurate, this new game set in the Titanfall universe has recently moved to a novel prototyping stage and is now looking like a “real project”, despite development still being at a very early phase.

Grubb’s sources underpin that the anticipated project is not the long-desired Titanfall 3 among fans. The nature of the game remains unknown to the insider; whether it contains multiplayer and story campaign elements as in the main instalments remains a mystery.

 Image Source: Steam (Leon Gamer)

Mohammad Alavi, a former creative head at Respawn, discussed that the studio embarked on Titanfall 3 following the sequel’s release, but pivoted the development towards Apex Legends as the game was proving to be insufficiently revolutionary.

Along with the sequel turned into Apex Legends, Titanfall Legends, and canceled games series from Nexon (Frontline and Online), the Respawn project is the fifth effort to release a new Titanfall (whatever it might turn out to be) since the time of Titanfall 2.

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