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I think you get an eye into the type of company when you look at how well they package their products. It sort of tells you a little about them and what they feel about their product. Both cases came in a box, in a box, in a box and then wrapped neatly in a protective covering. The DeLuxe Case was carefully wrapped in tissue paper, tapped and a leather seal attached to the paper. The Belt Clip Case was nicely wrapped in a cloth with the same leather seal. It was classy packaging that told me that I was dealing with a classy company…one that is proud of their product!

The quality of the leather on both cases is incredible. It is a luxurious European style of calf that has a subtle underlay. It has a great look and a really nice feel to it. The craftsmanship is remarkable and without question the best that I have had in any leather case. Precise fit, fine lines, quality leather…a perfect balance between visual art and functionality.

CasesOnLine …. a perfect choice for your iPAQ!


Quality Leather

Superb craftsmanship

Excellent Protection for your Device

Competitive Pricing




Rating: 5 out of 5

You can visit CasesOnline here

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