CNet Names three iPAQ’s as the Best of the Best

I am very happy to hear that the hx4700 was named Best PocketPC Handheld for Business by CNet. HP’s iPaq series continues to stand tall among Pocket PCs, and the company’s latest high-end model is no exception. The HX4700 (also sold as the HX4705) has an innovative touch pad and a beautiful VGA screen, as well as integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Business users in particular will appreciate the latest Windows Mobile operating system and generous software bundle, and the unit’s unusually prodigious battery blows away the competition.

Also CNet named the rx3715 the Most versatile handheld!!!! PDAs are no longer one-trick ponies. More and more handheld manufacturers are incorporating digital entertainment into their devices, and the HP iPaq rx3715 was one of the most ambitious. This Pocket PC doesn’t slack on the job with its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo and 128MB of memory, but it knows how to have fun, too. Aside from an integrated camera and MP3 playback, the handheld doubles as a universal remote and comes with software to manage your digital entertainment files.

Also CNet named the h4150 Thinnest Wifi Handheld. The ability to stay connected is becoming more important and prevalent in handhelds today, and even with all the new PDA releases, the HP iPaq H4150 remains one of our favorites. This svelte device crams a lot into a slim frame that weighs less than five ounces. Among its better attributes are integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, solid security features, satisfying video and audio quality, and a good software package full of Microsoft applications.

Congratulations to HP for delivering us some of the best of the best!

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