Dave’s Ipaq – Dave’s iPAQ Giveaway Continues in celebration of Windows Mobile 5 and Our 5 Year Anniversary @ Dave’s iPAQ

ALK Copilot LIVE (Qty 1) – CoPilot products have been evolving for almost a decade, benefitting from years of customer feedback and advances in technology. These features set the standard for GPS navigation systems and have been refined with each new CoPilot generation. GPS experts will enjoy these powerful new features while GPS enthusiasts will appreciate the innovative new design that makes it easier than ever to go anywhere.

Astraware Zuma (5 Copies) – Featuring all the fun and madness found in the online gaming favourite from PopCap. Zuma features colourful graphics that reflect the ancient South American civilizations and is accompanied by a panpipe music soundtrack and chanted sound effects to give a Zumaic flavour.

Astraware Mazera (5 Copies) – Kidnapped as a young boy by the Mazerians and put on display in their alien zoo, Ix’s day begins as it always has, but today there’s something in his living space he hasn’t seen before, an unusual plant that gives him the means to escape..

Boxwave Cleartouch (Qty 3) – ClearTouch Anti-Glare is the perfect blend of anti-glare and optical clarity! Engineered to enhance your display, its numerous features provide you with more than protection from scratches! Experience the benefits yourself, and see why many others are now using ClearTouch Anti-Glare to enhance and protect their touchscreens!

Boxwave FlexiSkin(Qty 3) – BoxWave’s FlexiSkin is a new soft case that gives you complete usability of your HP iPAQ hx4710 while it’s protected! It’s durable, soft to the touch, and because it can stretch and flex, FlexiSkin helps cushion your HP iPAQ hx4710 from bumps and hard knocks. Usable and protective, FlexiSkin the new protective case for your HP iPAQ hx4710!

Boxwave Mobile Charging Kit(Qty 3) – The miniSync – Mobile Charging Kit is the complete solution to ensure your T-Mobile iPAQ h6315 has power in any environment!Also, because you’ll have the miniSync, you won’t be left without the ability to synchronize your T-Mobile iPAQ h6315 to your computer

Cases Online – Zipper Case (Qty 5) – CasesOnline products are handmade in Western Massachusetts, USA, by America’s leading personal leather goods manufacturer, The Valkyrie Co., Inc. As a Hewlett-Packard partner, the CasesOnline collection is a unique collaboration that offers incredible case selection and quality to the iPAQ Pocket PC user.

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