Cooler Master Unveils V8 3DVC Air Cooler with Evaporative Chamber and Powerful G11 AIO Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master has unveiled two next-generation CPU cooling systems – the flagship air cooler, Cooler Master V8 3DVC, and the maintenance-free liquid cooling system, Cooler Master G11 AIO. Both new products are reported to draw up to 300W of thermal energy from the CPU.

Cooler Master V8 3DVC

The Cooler Master V8 3DVC is a spiritual successor to the cult series of Cooler Master V8 coolers, the first model of which was released by the manufacturer way back in 2008.

Image of the Cooler Master V8 3DVC.

Another image of the Cooler Master V8 3DVC.

On the surface, the Cooler Master V8 3DVC appears similar to other tower-type coolers. However, it notably features a large evaporation chamber at its base and advanced composite heat pipes assembled to provide maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Cooler Master V8 3DVC Feature image.

Cooler Master V8 3DVC Feature image.

Its radiator is encased in a black-silver housing, and two proprietary 120mm Mobius fans provide breeze. The manufacturer claims the new V8 3DVC cooler can dissipate up to 300W of thermal energy from the CPU.

Cooler Master G11 AIO

Alongside V8 3DVC, Cooler Master also introduced the maintenance-free liquid cooling system G11 AIO, featuring a 360mm radiator.

Cooler Master G11 AIO Feature image.

The novelty of the cooling system lies in its dual chamber design with two pumps, which increase both the pressure within the liquid cooling system’s circuit and heat dissipation efficiency. The G11 AIO cooler is cooled by three 120mm Mobius fans.

G11 AIO Cooler Feature image.

G11 AIO Cooler Feature image

The CPU water block is equipped with a two-zone RGB backlight. Cooler Master asserts this liquid cooler is ideal for CPUs with TDP ratings of over 300W.

At present, Cooler Master has not announced pricing details or sale dates for these new cooling systems.

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