Corsair Releases 2500X/2500D and 6500X/6500D Cases Designed for Motherboards with Rear Connectors

Corsair Introduces Computer Cases Designed for Unique Motherboards

Corsair has begun selling computer cases 2500X and 2500D. Uniquely designed for ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards, these cases cater to those with power connectors on their reverse side. They are particularly suitable for models like ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero, facilitating the assembly of a PC with the majority of wires hidden behind the right side of the system unit.

The model names of Corsair 2500X and 2500D indicate glass and mesh front panels, respectively. Both new products are available in white and black versions. Additionally, the manufacturer will release 6500X and 6500D models, larger versions of the initial models. First introduced at CES 2024 in early January, these products are now available for pre-order on Amazon UK. The Corsair 6500X and 6500D are priced at £169.99 (approximately $215.53), while the 2500X and 2500D models cost £129.99 (around $164.81). The shipping of these units will commence from February 27th.

New Case Models

Corsair has not disclosed the full specifications of these computer cases. However, it’s known that all models can accommodate video cards up to 400mm long and are compatible with radiators ranging from 120mm to 360mm. The 2500X model can house up to nine additional cooling fans of either 120mm or 140mm, while the 6500X model can accommodate up to ten fans. The ‘D’ models support two additional fans behind the front panel.

Inside the Cases

The dual-chamber construction of these cases makes the motherboard, CPU cooler, and video card fully visible, while tuSATA peripherals and the power unit are hidden behind the motherboard tray.

Hidden Chambers

These cases also allow extra customization with interchangeable front panels and vertical mounts for video cards.

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