Criteria for business projectors Part 2: B2B attributes from the manufacturer’s perspective

What makes a business projector? Depending on the manufacturer, you will get different answers. An overview of different classification possibilities.

Even though brightness is the top selection criterion for business projectors, manufacturers use different options for implementation. Since some companies use two-track or even three-track systems including LCoS, the first thing they want to know is how they divide the market and what their business focus is.

Canon, for example, is positioning the LV series with 3LCD technology in the multimedia or consumer sector, while the LCoS-based devices in the XEED series are more in the business segment, with the installation models offering interchangeable lenses. According to product specialist Dieter Röther, brightness is an important criterion, but even more important is the raster and distortion-free quality of the projection, which includes high resolution and color reproduction.

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Competitor BenQ divides the market into home cinema and business, including education. General Manager Thomas Müller puts more emphasis on Full-HD capability, price/performance ratio, black level and contrast in home cinema, whereas brightness, contrast ratio and interface diversity as well as flexibility with regard to the installation location are the most important factors for business devices.

“The future belongs to widescreen and Full-HD”

According to product manager Tobias Rönnebeck, Acer segments the projector market according to five areas of application: the rapidly growing home cinema market, the likewise increasingly popular short-distance projectors, installation equipment, LED representatives and the classic business projectors, which are highly portable at only 2.0 to 2.5 kg. The most important criterion for Rönnebeck is in any case the resolution. “The future belongs to widescreen format and Full-HD. In addition, brightness and contrast play a central role with business devices, since conference rooms often cannot be completely darkened,” says the Acer manager.

Finally, according to Clara Son from brand marketing, Sony divides the market into short and ultra-short distance devices, desktop and installation projectors, as well as home cinema projectors and beamers for visualization and simulation. The enterprise sets thereby on the own 3LCD panels like the inorganic BrightEra panels, which bring a higher fill factor, a longer life span and a better contrast ratio with itself.

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