A Neon-Noir Detective Game Called ‘Nobody Wants to Die’ Announced in the World of Eternal Life Subscription

Polish studio Critical Hit Games, established in 2020, announced their debut game, Nobody Wants to Die, a neon-noir, first-person detective game. The announcement, made on IGN portal and supported by publisher Plaion, promises an immersive gaming experience outdoors.

The game unfolds in New York City in the grim future, precisely in the year 2329. As technology offers people eternal life—consciousness can now be stored in memory banks or transferred from body to body, but on a subscription basis. Here, players will step in the shoes of detective James Carr from the Mortality Department.

After nearly losing his life, protagonist Carr and young policewoman Sarah Kai are on the trail of a serial killer targeting the city’s elite.

Nobody Wants to Die Screenshots

In a bid to establish the sequence of events leading to each murder and to identify the victims’ cause of death, players will inspect crime scenes using a time management device and advanced technology.

As the game description on Steam articulates, “In a world where death is almost forgotten, and morality fades before your eyes, you, as a seasoned detective, will have to walk the fragile line between good and evil to reveal the harsh truth.”.

Nobody Wants to Die made its announcement alongside a two-minute cinematic trailer to which audiences expressed immense motivation. “Damn, I’m speechless because of this trailer”admitted Lectorrex.

Scheduled for release in 2024, Nobody Wants to Die will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. The game promises a story that probes the dangers of transhumanism and immortality, photorealistic graphics on Unreal Engine 5.

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