Data miner shares details about Valve’s next game – a heroic PvP shooter in a fantasy steampunk world.

A dataminer named Maxim Poletaev, better known by the pseudonym Gabe Follower, has shared alleged insider details about Valve’s (creator of the Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Dota, Team Fortress, Portal, and Left 4 Dead series) upcoming game.

Introducing Deadlock

According to Gabe Follower, the project is titled Deadlock, formerly known as Neon Prime and Citadel. The game is tipped to be a competitive third-person hero shooter.

Battles will be fought on a large map with four lanes, accommodating a “6 versus 6” format. Characters will have abilities and items to use, incorporating mechanics from the tower defense genre.

 Screenshot from Dota 2

What to Expect from Deadlock

Gabe Follower describes Deadlock as a fast-paced game and likens it to a combination of Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, and Orcs Must Die. Blogger Tyler McVicker offered a similar opinion about the project.

The ambiance of Deadlock is described by the dataminer as a fusion of fantasy and steampunk, featuring wizards, strange creatures, robots, and rapid rail-based transport systems similar to those seen in BioShock Infinite.

 The Neon Prime trademark was registered in the US last fall

Influences and Design

It’s also reported that the hero design in Deadlock is heavily influenced by the Dota universe, while the main map reveals hints of a modern European city with a steampunk aesthetic, reminiscent of Half-Life.

While the dataminer has not revealed any deadline or release date for Deadlock, he mentioned that the game originally contained sci-fi elements on top of fantasy ones (like in Portal and Half-Life). However, they were eventually dropped due to negative feedback during playtests.

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