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Launched in June 2000, Dave’s iPAQ offers the latest news and hands-on reviews of HP iPAQ and mobile computing to more than 425,000 visitors each month. And its award-winning discussion forums attract handheld enthusiasts and users from more than 150 countries.

It was named the “Best Pocket PC Site” at the Pocket PC Summit in 2001, and “Top iPAQ Site” by the book, How to do everything with your iPAQ published by McGraw Hill.

So whether you’re a first time buyer deciding which device to purchase, or an expert looking to get more out of your current iPAQ, Dave’s iPAQ is the place for you. Look around, make yourself at home, and join in on the discussions!

David Ciccone – Founder (Princeton, New Jersey)

Since 1991 Dave has been an avid user of handheld computing technology. Back in June of 2000 Dave purchased his first Compaq Aero and ever since then he has had a true passion to the success of the iPAQ. Dave has been asked to speak at events such as the PocketPC Summit, Planet PDA World, PocketPCNY and has been a guest of the popular television channel TechTV. Dave has also been asked to write articles for PocketPC Magazine and WindowsNET Magazine and been a guest speaker on CNET Radio speaking on handheld technology. He has a strong relationship with many of the mobile computing vendors and has been requested to give feedback on future projects. Dave lives with his wife and two sons in Princeton, New Jersey.

Jack Cook – Senior Editor (Boston, Massachusets)

Jack has spent 35 years teaching mathematics, worked as a Dean of Students, and is currently completing his career as a Principal of a suburban school just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his years in public education, the computer field has always sparked an interest in him. In his early years as a teacher, he became proficient with computers by teaching himself “basic” with an old HP card reader. His first hand held device was a Compaq 3630 and he has become a true iPAQ lover. Jack has participated in several discussion groups but has maintained his loyalty to Dave’s iPAQ. On April 1, 2005 Jack was selected as a Microsoft MVP for Mobile Devices. It is our hope that he will bring to the iPAQ community, news, events, and reviews that will generate in our members the same passion in iPAQ’s that Dave’s iPAQ has been known for. Jack lives with his wife and son just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

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