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“The Fantastic Four”, “Batman Begins” and “Sin City” – three of the biggest movie blockbusters of the year so far all had their beginnings in comic books.

But as Hollywood casts its’ net ever wider, where are the new wave of cartoons and graphic novels that will be gripping film lovers next year and beyond?

“Thrill Noir” is an all-new, dark, edgy graphic tale presented in cartoon strip format that’s building a cult following in the UK. But you can’t get this in any bookshop, newsagents or even specialist comic book store.

“Thrill Noir” is the world’s first cult comic serial to be available exclusively via mobile phone. Influenced by classic film-noir and graphic novels, it’s a smart and sexy story that follows ex-cop Jack Jacobi on a quest for revenge. With its’ sharp dialogue, twisting plot, copious violence and occasional sex it has plenty to keep its readers on the trail and wanting more.

Created exclusively for the Gobstopped mobile internet (WAP) site, ‘Thrill Noir’ is the work of Russell Prime (illustrator), a university mathematician living in the States, and Trent Beckett (writer), internet security consultant living in London. Unlike Jack Jacobi, who is motivated by revenge and fuelled by sex and alcohol, Beckett and Prime admit that their love of thrillers, classic mysteries, cartoons, and video games all play a role in their latest collaboration.

All fourteen episodes of the first series are already available to fans via Gobstopped and can be downloaded, simply, anytime, anywhere on WAP enabled phones. ‘Partnering with Gobstopped is a cool way to share our story with a lot of people,’ says Beckett, ‘and the next fourteen episodes are in the works – we don’t want to keep fans waiting!’

Gobstopped Managing Editor, Nick Hirst, adds: ‘Our unique technology enables any individual to submit cartoon strips, fiction and articles for publication on the Mobile Internet with Gobstopped. We edit all submissions and pass them for publication – if they’re good enough. Trent and Russell have created something that is fresh, exciting and original. ‘Thrill Noir’ looks great and reads really well on your mobile phone. ‘Thrill Noir – the movie’ could be next!’

The presence of a host of Hollywood producers and stars at the world’s largest comic convention in San Diego – Comic-Con International (July 14 – 17) – showed just how seriously the filmmakers take both the genre and the audience. Now all they have to do is reach for the phone…

For more information you can go online to www.gobstopped.com OR to view the cartoons via your mobile simply text G 14813 to 83238. To browse the WAP site just text GOB to 83238.

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