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Now you can convert your DVD’s to your Pocket PC and watch them in great quality, with stereo sound and in full screen landscape mode. A memorycard as small as 128 Mb is sufficient to store a full length feature film, up to a hundred minutes. Take your DVD’s on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on vacation, at work or at school. With only two clicks, this PC software converts the content of your DVD to a super small movie file, which will play on any Windows Mobile 2003 device, such as HP iPaq, on a postage stamp size memory card. You can use a headset or the built-in speaker to listen to the sound. Subtitled and foreign language DVD’s are also supported. You wil have to see the quality to believe it, using Microsoft’s supreme Windows Media 9 encoding, feature films look crisp and sharp on your Pocket PC and still fit on a relatively small Secure Digital card. On a 512 SD card, you can even crunch 4 films!

Converted movies run on: all Pocket PC’s on Windows Mobile 2003 and higher. Such as: Acer n10, Acer n20, Dell Axim X5, HP iPAQ h1930/h1940/h1945, HP iPAQ h2210/h2215, HP iPAQ h4150/h4155, HP iPAQ h4350/h4355, HP iPAQ h5100/h5400/h5500, HP iPAQ h5450/h5455, Samsung SPH-i700, Toshiba e330 Series, Toshiba e350 Series, Toshiba e740, Toshiba e750 Series, ViewSonic Pocket PC V36, ViewSonic Pocket PC V37, XDA II.

The retail price is $ 24.99 for the unlimited version (excl. local taxes).

This software may only be used to convert personally owned DVDs . Makayama Software supports Fair Use.

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