California Beach Town Gets Free WiFi

Chicago, IL.August 5, 2004 — Hermosa Beach, a California beach town of 21,000 will offer free broadband wireless service (802.11 a/g) to all city residents and businesses using WiFi-Plus, Inc. multi-polarity antennas as part of the most advanced wireless mesh WiFi system in the country.

City Councilman Michael Keegan championed “the vision to provide the FREEway to the Internet to the city like other basic services, as a public amenity and convenience”, following his experience with a Hotspot at his local bakery/café. “Hermosa Beach residents now have a choice to surf the Internet just as they surf the Pacific – with rad’ speed 5 times faster than DSL at up to 6 Mbs per second, and “glassy” conditions”. Said a city official.

The system has been designed and will be installed by LA Unplugged, a Hermosa Beach Systems Integrator. LA Unplugged President, Eric Black, stated, “Hermosa Beach will deploy the most advance municipal WiFi system in the country. It has the highest throughput, the strongest security, and the broadest coverage available in the WiFi marketplace today. Each communication node consists of multiple radios, advanced mesh networking software, AES encrypted wireless backhaul links, and multi-polarized (MP) antennas. This system will be the model for others to emulate.”

Dennis Broderick, President of WiFi-Plus, Inc. said, “The Hermosa Beach system offers further proof that multi-polarity antennas provide a level of system capital cost reduction and increased performance that enables wireless communications availability. Hermosa Beach officials are to be applauded for this service to its businesses, residents and city operations. While the service will serve the interests of commerce and quality of life in Hermosa Beach, WiFi can also enable the safety of Hermosa Beach for all, offering new communications options such as digital signage, and first responder video feeds.”

In Phase I of the Hermosa Beach Internet deployment, access point nodes will be placed up and down Pier Avenue with coverage extending to 35% of the land area in the city. Phase II will extend coverage to 90% of the city.

The free wireless (802.11a/g WiFi) network will be launched at 4PM on August 11, 2004 at the Hermosa Beach Community Center, 710 Pier Avenue, with a reception following at Sangria Restaurant, located at 68 Pier Avenue. City Council members will be present to celebrate the launch.

About WiFi-Plus, Inc.

Wifi-Plus, Inc with offices in Cleveland and Chicago holds exclusive patent rights on its proprietary MP antenna designs. These obstruction-penetrating antennas gather multi-path reflection and refractions in multiple polarizations. achieving superior coverage in areas that other antennas fade or drop out. WiFi-Plus multi-polarized (MP) antennas collect the available signal in a Doppler-like, 3 dimensional space and combine these signals to produce a signal that would otherwise be considered non-existent.

WiFi-Plus is the only antenna manufacturer able to make such a claim. The rapidly growing base of WiFi-Plus, Inc. antenna users include municipalities, telecom providers, retailers, corporations, military, public safety, emergency response, academic, research and government organizations. The firm operates through various distribution channels and alliances to advance supply for various applications including electronic signage and kiosk networks for retail, commercial and public information applications. Contact Doug Crawford at 708-623-7616, or see ;

About LA Unplugged…Company Description

LA Unplugged is a new firm designed to help others provide wireless internet services. We’re particularly focused on the use of emerging technologies from smart antennas to point-to-multipoint to mesh networks. We’re committed to a future with reduced wires, reduced costs, and increased mobility. We assist others to create wireless networks for their customers, their residents, their employees, and their citizens