Odyssey Software’s Tools Will Support the Windows Mobile 5.0

Odyssey Software, a recognized leader in the development of mobile enterprise infrastructure products today announced its award winning tools, ViaXML2(TM) and CFCOM(TM), will support the Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform. The products provide Visual Studio developers with invaluable data access and interop options when targeting Windows Mobile- and Windows CE-based devices, including the Pocket PC and Smartphone form factors.

“Windows Mobile has been a great platform for Odyssey’s mobile enterprise infrastructure products, and we are very excited about Microsoft’s release of Windows Mobile 5.0, ” said Mark Gentile, CEO of Odyssey Software, “Both ViaXML2 and CFCOM take advantage of the improved platform flexibility from Windows Mobile 5.0, and will continue to be valuable assets for developers looking to provide their customers with mobile applications that offer clear competitive advantage.”

ViaXML2 is a comprehensive suite of proven frameworks and data access infrastructure for developers targeting Windows Mobile-based devices using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and Visual C++.

ViaXML2 is the first product to combine XML Web services and queuing technology for highly-reliable and scalable mobile applications that seamlessly operate across well-connected and casually-connected environments. The product also allows developers to publish on-device XML Web services for enterprise scenarios needing server-push capabilities.

ViaXML2 shortens development time of real-world applications by as much as 75 percent, provides complete business and process integration, and eliminates proprietary server components that complicate deployments.

CFCOM (.NET Compact Framework COM interoperability) provides a solution to one of the top requested features for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework: the ability to easily use existing, or newly developed, COM objects and ActiveX controls, such as MSXML, MediaPlayer and mapping components, in .NET Compact Framework-based applications. By adding CFCOM to their arsenal, developers can take advantage of the rich functionality offered by existing COM objects and ActiveX controls, instantly. CFCOM represents the ideal migration path for Windows Embedded developers moving to Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Compact Framework.

“At Microsoft, we are always excited about mobile partners who extend the developer experience by delivering quality tools and support for our platforms,” said Chris Hill, group product manager for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased and appreciative with Odyssey Software’s commitment to extend both the ViaXML2 and CFCOM tools to the Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform.”

About Odyssey Software

Odyssey Software, Inc. is a recognized leader in the development of mobile enterprise software infrastructure products for all Windows Mobile(TM) – based device platforms. Odyssey’s software products are enabling technology for remote data-access, application provisioning, and mobile device management for mobile enterprise solutions. These mobile solutions can be quickly built, deployed, and managed, improving corporate agility, productivity, and competitive advantage.

Additional information about Odyssey Software may be found HERE.

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