Speck Products Skin Tight Case

I was lucky enough to be browsing our forums and noticed a username speckproducts. I sent this user an email since I went over to their site and was pleasantly suprised. Speck Products is announcing a new line of rubberized skin cases under their SkinTight brand for PDAs. The new SkinTight cases provide rubberized protection and a ‘skin tight’ fit without adding bulk.

Their unique Dynaflex material stretches over and hugs the PDA and provides a great grippy feel. The included screen cover easily flips out of the way and prevents damage to the delicate screen.

The SkinTight cases are available for the HP IPAQ 1900 series PDAs. They come in 3 colors which allow consumers to personalize their PDA with a splash of translucent color. They are available now at retailers and and are sold individually for $24.95 and as a 3-Pack for $34.95. The SkinTight case for the Zire 71 will be available in late April.

“Speck Products has had tremendous success with our line of rubberized skins for the iPods.” said General Manager Tim Hickman. “iPod Consumers love the low-profile protection that doesn’t add bulk and they love the great non-slip grippy feel. PDA consumers will especially love our SkinTight PDA skins because they’re small, they protect the screen, and the PDA can be synced without taking it out of the case..”

I was lucky enough to get my case to review and I was pleasantly suprised. These cases are extremely form fitting and for my 1940 add the needed protection. I enjoyed these cases so much I sent my over to our assitant editor Jack Cook for his ideas. I can say I am extremely impressed with this case and especially the price factor. If you are looking for a skin case and can’t afford a Vaja case be sure to run over to Speck Products and order yours now..

Order from Speck Products!