Dave’s iPAQ Giveaway

Cases Online – Belt Case (Qty 5) – CasesOnline products are handmade in Western Massachusetts, USA, by America’s leading personal leather goods manufacturer, The Valkyrie Co., Inc. As a Hewlett-Packard partner, the CasesOnline collection is a unique collaboration that offers incredible case selection and quality to the iPAQ Pocket PC user.

Convergent Technologies – Compact Flash GSM / GPRS Card with Running Voice Software and Easy Setup (Qty 2) – Turn your Windows Mobile 2003 PDA or notebook computer into a wireless communication device to allow voice/data communication anywhere with your GSM unlocked Tri Band World phone. Read our review here.

Convergent Technologies – iHolster 2200 (Qty 10) – The iHolster 2200 is hand made (not vacuum formed) from durable, impact resistant Kydex to provide a snug and secure fit for your iPAQ. The matte finish of the Kydex provides an attractive look for both casual and professional environments. The belt clip used on the iHolster 2200 is the patented Ultra Clip from TheClip.com. The Ultra Clip is designed specifically to be used with PDA’s and other high dollar devices. Besides the usual button depression to release the iHolster2200, you must also rotate the iHolster2200 90 degrees to remove it from the Ultra Clip. This adds an extra level of protection for your PDA.

Convergent Technologies – Aluminum Cases for 2200 series iPAQ (Qty 10) – The Metal Deluxe Case for hp iPAQ Pocket PC h2210 series. It is 100% made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and we design the case according to the profile of the iPAQ handheld. The neoprene lining on top, bottom and the side holds your iPAQ securely in place. The lock on the side holds the top and bottom of the case tightly together and prevents it accidentally open and get your handheld scratched. With this form-fitting metal deluxe case, it protects your iPAQ investment.

Convergent Technologies – Universal Chargers (Qty 2) – Now you can carry a charged Lithium-Ion battery with you. Give your portable devices a “boost” even when you are away from an electrical source.

Convergent Technologies – Universal PDA Windshield Mount (Qty 2) – Ideal for use with ALL types of GPS. Arkon’s CM620 is the industry standard in high quality windshield PDA Mount holder solutions. Model CM620 features the universal SIDE GRIP PDA cradle and a super strong and reliable 9″ flexible windshield mounting pedestal. For best results, we suggest resting the pedestal on the dash of the vehicle and using the alcohol prep pad provided to clean the surface of the windshield.

Earthmate – Street Atlas 2005 – This new upgrade provides all the famous DeLorme map detail along with 4 million places of interest; address-to-address routing; comprehensive GPS capabilities; and other powerful features that make this the best choice for travel planning software. DeLorme cartographers are constantly updating the maps using a variety of trend-setting techniques, including new GPS mapping and aerial imagery techniques developed at DeLorme. Unlike other mapping software providers, who tend to all use the same data, we invest substantial amounts in our own data collection and correction. Discover the DeLorme difference and see why everyone from travel planners to emergency services personnel relies on Street Atlas USA year after year.

Earthmate – Street Atlas 2005 – Topo USA 5.0 gives you five maps in one – a topographic map, a shaded relief map, a 3-D shaded relief map, a trail map, and a road map. AND Topo USA 5.0 lets you route automatically for all of them! Type in the name of your favorite hiking, biking, fishing, or hunting location (or better yet one that you’ve been meaning to explore) – click — you’re there in seconds

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