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IRVINE, Calif., June 6, 2005-Greenlight Wireless Corporation today announced the release of a new version of its popular SkweezerR portal, which optimizes Web pages, searches, and e-mail for use on PDA’s and cell phones.

Skweezer is both a mobile-optimized browser and a fully functional Web portal, which includes an e-mail client, contacts list, RSS reader, and other useful features. In this latest incarnation, Skweezer’s compression and optimization technology has been extensively redesigned to make Web content download faster than ever. For example, a sample page from the eBay Web site has a 238 Kb file size and in testing took an average of 192 seconds to download over a standard GPRS connection. The new version of Skweezer compresses this Web page to 16 Kb and loads it over the same wireless connection in 12 seconds, 4 seconds faster than the previous version of Skweezer. This same page from eBay loads in only 3 seconds with the images tuned off in the new Skweezer.

Skweezer’s user interface has also been redesigned to be more intuitive and faster to load. The Skweezer “View Modes” used in previous versions of the portal have been replaced with simpler controls that allow the user to show or hide images while browsing with Skweezer. Skweezer also has a new directory feature, which replaces the “Featured Links” section of the Skweezer Home Page and includes over 175 mobile-ready links in six regional settings. Other updates include changes to the reformatting technology that make “skweezed” pages easier to view and support for form posting in double-byte languages.

All Skweezer and Skweezer Pro users will automatically be upgraded to this latest version of the product. More information about using the new features can be found on the Skweezer User Guide, which is accessible from both the Greenlight Wireless Web site and the Skweezer portal.

About Skweezer:

Skweezer is a free Web browser/portal that optimizes Web pages, searches, and e-mail for use on PDA’s and cell phones. Mobile Internet users access Skweezer by visiting www.skweezer.net, then using the portal as a “wireless gateway” to browse and search the Web. Skweezer compresses and reformats content being downloaded to the user’s device, so that it loads faster, looks better, and is easier to navigate. Skweezer Mail, Greenlight Wireless’ popular mobile e-mail solution, is also included with a free personalized account.

About Greenlight Wireless: Greenlight Wireless is a leading innovator of wireless technologies, providing ASP and server-component solutions for enterprise-level businesses and wireless carriers. Greenlight Wireless’ consumer-oriented Skweezer service optimizes Web content for handheld devices, providing a richer mobile experience and adding value to wireless data offerings.

Find out more at Skweezer

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