HP Bluetooth Headphones

…and the technology from HP continues to make my life easier! HP’s NEW Bluetooth Headphones give you comfort, great sound and wireless connectivity.

I absolutely love walking on the shores and woods of Maine enjoying the stunning scenery. I have spent the past few months discovering the wonders of Maine and of course, I always have some sort of technology attached so I can have the best of all worlds. Clearly, the reason I love my SCOTTeVEST is because I can carry it all or at least what I need for the day. Besides a multitude of pockets to carry what I need, it has a PAN (Personal Area Network) to wire my vest enabling me to listen to my MP3s or a small radio I carry all the time.

It is hard to believe that I have not acquired an iPod yet, but I have always felt that my iPAQ could serve the same purpose. Now with the availability of memory cards that have significant storage and low prices, that decision to hold off was the correct one for me. All of us acquire a vast library of CDs, each having one, two or three songs that are favorites. Compiling them into play lists that I can carry in my iPAQ has been a great experience but I always found that having that wire connected gave me a feeling of being restricted and I hated having a wire flopping around. Of course, that problem was solved with the routing of the wires through my SCOTTeVEST but still, I just dislike dealing with wires.

Bluetooth connectivity has evolved to such an extent that the concept of wires is fast becoming a dinosaur. HP has designed and implemented this technology to near perfection. Giving you exceptional high quality stereo sound, this device is going to change your listening experience with your iPAQ.

The behind the head design of the HP Bluetooth Headphones gives you a secure fit while you’re on the move and the placement of the controls makes your experience very comfortable. Raising your right hand up to your ear, you can easily adjust the volume controls, power on/off, play/pause, and track fwd/back controls. Each function is conveniently placed on the ear piece for easy access. It took me less than a minute to know where each control was placed and its function. I found that making any adjustment was a piece of cake. Kudos’ to the engineer that made this design…it truly is user friendly.

I couldn’t wait to try out the headphones when they arrived. I was surprised when I opened the package because there were just the headphones, a very tiny device that had a strange connection on one end and a connection for power on the other, the AC adapter with multiple power connectors, carrying case, extra earpads and the install software. I don’t know why I was surprised; after all, I was just getting a pair of headphones. Well, it didn’t seem like much but boy was I about to be surprised.

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