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The h6300 comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile’ 2003 software for Pocket PC – Phone Edition which is geared towards PDA’s with phone capabilities. HP has added some nice exclusive add-ons for the h6300 that make the end user experience purely enjoyable.

When dealing with wireless HP has added iPAQ Wireless which is a utility that simplifies the connection management of the three wireless features. So if you look at our photo you will notice the end user has three options Phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in which they can either turn on each function or change settings. Another nice feature in the iPAQ Wireless is the big yellow question mark. Once clicked the user has a step by step instructional about the three wireless technologies.

HP Profiles:

A utility that allows the user to define profiles for wireless connectivity Bluetooth Manager. If you are familiar with the traditional cell phones you will notice they have preset options such as meeting, outdoors, silent and office. This profile came in handy especially when meeting with customers who don’t want to hear my phone ring in the middle of a meeting.

Storage and Backup

The h6300 comes with 20 MB of iPAQ File Store space and approximately 55 MB of SDRAM storage space. The unit offers 64 MB SDRAM and 64 MB Flash ROM. To ensure the protection of data on the device HP has included iPAQ Backup by Sprite Software which is an application that allows fast and easy backup and restore, selective backup and restore, scheduled backup, battery monitoring, password protection, and compression of the backup file. The selective backup and restore feature allows selection of the entire system, a specific file, or a database. Scheduled backup can be established based on defined time, date, or battery level. Scheduled backup and battery monitoring notifies the user with the option to accept, decline, or postpone the backup.

HP Image Capture

Snap a photo and share the image with your friends and family – either from your iPAQ Pocket PC or from your desktop computer. Send your photos in an email, create an album on the web, or share them directly by sending them over Bluetooth to another iPAQ Pocket PC. Also using the HP Mobile Printing software you can print pictures directly from your iPAQ Pocket PC to wider array of Bluetooth, infrared or network printers. This software also gives the end user two different selections zoom and wide angle. I was extremely shocked to see this feature since the camera is so small. They also included a self timer, white balance, resolution selection (highest 640-480), color, b&w, sepia, negative and cool. During our tests we did notice the photos we took indoors were the “traditional” looking camera phone cloudy pictures outdoor pictures were better.

Instant Messenging powered by OZ

T-Mobile has a quick launch icon for the end user to select between three instant messenging services such as yahoo instant messenger, AOL instant messenger and ICQ.

ClearView Presentation

ClearVue Presentation for the iPAQ provides all the necessary tools to give a full-featured PowerPoint® presentation. Once the files have been transported to the device, ClearVue Presentation does not require any file conversion, ActiveSync® filters, additional software or even a desktop connection. This application is functional and simple to use from wherever the business is. It includes support for the desktop Office timed transitions, custom animations and inserted charts, graphs, text and images.

ClearView PDF

Open, view and print PDF documents received via email, downloaded from the Internet or transferred over the network on your iPAQ using the ClearVue PDF software. With the integrity of the original files in tact, the information can be accessed just as the author intended. ClearVue PDF does not require any file conversion, desktop connection or ActiveSync® filters. All files are accessible from wherever, whenever, just another clear integration with the h6300 mobile experience.

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