Dave’s Ipaq – HP iPAQ h6300 @ Dave’s iPAQ

As we continue down the right side of the iPAQ you will see (6) Volume Up (7) Volume Down (8) SD Expansion Card Slot (9) Camera Button (10) Phone End Button (11) Inbox. The placement of the Volume button and SD Card slot are on the top of my list. The more I used this device I thought it was extremely easy to adjust the phone volume while I was in conversation.

The bottom of the unit features a (12) 5-Way Navigation Button (13) Charging/Communications Port (14) Microphone. On the left side of the unit (15) Contacts Button (16) Phone Send Button (17) Soft Reset (18) Voice Record Button (18) Voice Record Button (19) Headset Connector (20) Antenna.

If you look at our pictures of the h6300 compared to the h2215 you will notice the width is identical measuring 2.95 inches, length measures on the h6300 4.68 inches compared to 4.57 inches on the 2215, depth measures on the h6300 .73 inches compared to .63 inches on the 2215. If you look at the display the h6300 and h2215 are identical in size measuring 3.5 inches. By far HP has done some incredible hardware modifications in order to fit the radio in this unit. We feel confident enough to say that the h6300 and h2215 are almost identical in size.

If we turn the unit over you will see (1) Hands Free Speaker (2) Removable Battery (3) Battery Lock (4) Battery Latch (5) Camera Lens (on some models) (6) Stylus. The camera is probably one of the prominent features iPAQ owners haven’t seen. This new feature has a built-in, 640×480 resolution, 8-bit color camera which I was extremely impressed with. As we dive into the software portion of the review I will go over the camera software provided with the iPAQ. We also were informed that HP will be offering an optional 3600 mAh Lithium-lon battery for this unit. HP did add an advanced power management feature which is useful for changing the battery usage time by adjusting the standby period. The standby settings display the approximate remaining usage time in hours and adjust according to the standby period selection..

If you look at the photos we have taken you will notice a removable, snap-on thumb keyboard which lets you easily compose email, notes and MMS/SMS messages. The snap on keyboard is a huge improvement from previous models created by HP. One reason why, is a huge improvement in the size. Phone users no need to worry, one might be thinking, “Hey how the heck will I be able to speak into the microphone with the keyboard on?” well HP designed this little keyboard with an open slot to give access to the microphone. You will also notice two buttons (1) Phone Send and (2) phone end buttons which will also give the phone user easy one touch control with the keyboard.

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