Dave’s Ipaq – JAVOClearCase – A Clear Solution for iPAQ Protection @ Dave’s iPAQ

Little things make a difference to me in deciding to buy a product from a vendor. Pride in your product is evidenced in packaging and JAVOedge always gives you a product packaged so that it is appealing. That pride continues when you remove the item from its packaging and you see that they have wrapped it in a plastic protective covering guaranteeing you a pristine product and lastly, as you inspect the item, you see craftsmanship that tells you that you are about to have a good experience. Little things make a BIG difference and JAVOedge provides that difference.

JAVOedge has always impressed me with their products but that is not everything in a company. Support is imperative if a company wants continued repeat business with their customer base. I own several JAVOedge products and have never had a problem with any — well, I did have a problem with a spring on a sync cable once. I called, explained what the problem was and expected to hear “well, you’re a little too late to expect a replacement”. Not the case — two days later, I had a replacement. That one action by JAVOedge secured me as a loyal customer.

Good looks…excellent protection…slim, light weight and sturdy.
The look and feel of this case as well as the protection it affords will make your iPAQ experience better!




Crystal Clear Light weight Perfect fit Excellent Protection


1940 – difficult (but not impossible) to get to stylus 5555 – no protection for antenna if dropped Cannot remove covers


4.9 out of 5

Virtually every iPAQ has a clear case available…

You can visit JAVOedge here.