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Well as we broke the story two weeks ago HP has released the hx4700 ROM in which it fixes a ton of issues

Fixes Fixes issues with wireless connectivity. Fixes issue with execution of .NET framework. Fixes issue with very high-volume audio signal from third-party applications that could result in potential speaker damage. Fixes issue where the microphone automatic gain control (AGC) setting was not saved after a power cycle. Fixes issue where the user interface for the handheld would indicate that the user was connected to a network that was not present. Fixes issue where protected extensible authentication protocol (PEAP) authentication would fail with no indication that the user’s password had expired. Fixes issue where Pocket Internet Explorer would stall and fail to load a page if the HTTP post was larger than 16K. Fixes issue where WiFi connection status was incorrectly indicated for some conditions. Fixes issue with an active modem connection where the handheld was unable to re-establish a connection after the USB cable was unplugged. Fixes issue that occurred when using WPA-PSK authentication where the handheld failed to authenticate to a second access point (AP) with the same SSID and key. Fixes issue where the client device packets did not properly route to the target LAN when a point-to-point protocol (PPP) connection was made. Fixes issue where an exception was generated When disconnecting a serial line Internet protocol (SLIP) server session. Fixes issue where the wrong domain name server (DNS) address was passed to the server when a secondary IP address was assigned. Fixes issue where the wrong WEP key was used when switching between configured, preferred, WEP-enabled Wi-Fi connections. Fixes issue with cached pages where a back/forward navigation would not be sent to the Internet. Fixes issue with URLs that contain semicolons so that they are no longer truncated when sending the GET request over the Wireless Session Protocol.

Fixes the following localization issues:

* Korean: Fixes issue with contact picker where it did not match Jungseong because asterisk (*) and pound sign (#) key presses were ignored. * Korean: Fixes issue with contact names that were displayed with no comma or space between the Last and First name. * Korean: Fixes issue with the Notification dialog so it is no longer clipped in the Sounds and Notifications Control panel.

* Romanian: Corrects Daylight Savings Time.

Download it here

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