Posts has announced that Dave’s iPAQ was the top driver of traffic to their site in the first 10 days with 23,812 hits coming from our site. Because of you, Dave’s iPAQ won a years placement of a 120×120 ad on the site below the contributors link. We are very grateful for your consideration and appreciate that you took the time to visit will have a seperate traffic driver winner announced on 15 July or when voting opens. They have been getting an average of 2500 nominations per day over the past several days. Just a reminder — nominations close at 23:59 on June 30. We would again appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving our site another vote of confidence!

The folks at have taken great care in the design and launching of this site to give all podcasters a equal chance in the opportunity to win a Peoples Choice Podcasting Award in their specific category.

They have planned this from the beginning to become an annual event, that will recognize the best podcasters in the world by allowing the people to nominate then vote for their favorite podcast

This will culminated with awards and prizes being given during the 2005 Awards ceremony that take place at Podcast Expo in Ontario California November 11-12, 2005. The full details are forthcoming on the event.

With the nomination process being kicked off June 15th 2005 followed by voting in July they expect to see over 100,000 hits per day and high user participation.

The 2005 Podcast Awards is being managed by Podcast Connect Inc. Located at 5032 Kamehameha Lp. Honolulu, Hi. 96818.

Employees of Podcast Connect are not eligible to participate in the nomination, or voting process. Any employee that has a podcast is not eligible to participate, any nominations for a Podcast Connect employee podcast will be thrown out. The host of this site is being Managed by the CEO of Podcast Connect Inc. Todd Cochrane, his podcast the Geek News Central Podcast is not eligible to participate as well.

All sponsorship money will be utilized for hosting cost, prizes, awards ceremony and any other People Choice Podcast Awards associated expenses that are incurred.

You can contact PodcastAwards at

Take a moment and visit the site here.