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Kaspersky Lab, home of one of the world’s foremost internet security labs, today announced general availability of Kaspersky Security for PDAs v. 5.5, the latest version of Kaspersky’s suite of protection for handheld devices and smartphones. This updated suite provides a wide range of important upgrades and improvements, including a new user interface, advanced data encryption and automatic update capability for perpetual protection.

Kaspersky Security for PDAs is designed to advance protection for one of the nascent but growing target areas for hackers and virus writers: the incredible explosion of portable electronic communication devices used in both personal and business settings. The suite offers comprehensive protection for handhelds running PocketPC and Palm OS, and smartphones running Microsoft Smartphone 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone, and safeguards users while still allowing them full control and access to stored data.

“The incredible usefulness of handheld devices has made them ubiquitous extensions of corporate networks that are ripe for corruption,” said Steve Orenberg, President, Kaspersky Lab, Inc. “Kaspersky Security for PDAs extends our award-winning detection and industry-leading updates to this set of devices, which will continue to be significant targets as we’ve seen with the recent Cabir and Commonwarrior attacks.”

Kaspersky Security for PDAs v. 5.5 has improved virus detection and disinfection functions, along with a new antivirus monitor that complements existing functions by tracking application activity in real time, ensuring that malicious code cannot be executed. Updates to antivirus databases can be downloaded automatically, providing perpetual protection even as new threats are attempted. Version 5.5 is also designed to protect aspects unique to smartphones. Kaspersky Security for PDAs 5.5 not only detects and removes viruses on the internal memory of smartphones, but also protects the memory card, as infected objects are quickly identified and can be immediately deleted.

A new aspect of Kaspersky Security for PDAs v. 5.5 of great interest to network administrators is the ability to encrypt data stored on handheld devices. Now unauthorized users will be blocked from accessing confidential information, and PocketPC users can create hidden folders where stored data is encrypted and folders are password protected. In the event that a Palm OS users’ password to lock their device is bypassed and a malicious user gains access to the memory card, the encryption will still protect their stored information. New cryptographic algorithms from the Intel library are also incorporated to further heighten security when the program is run under PocketPC.

About Kaspersky Lab, Inc.

Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, Kaspersky Lab, Inc. delivers the industry’s most immediate protection against Internet-born viruses and threats. Kaspersky is unmatched in the speed that it detects and disarms even the most sophisticated new attacks. Kaspersky offers complete security protection with advanced anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and firewall capabilities, supported by rapid response and automated hourly updates from its world renowned virus detection lab. Kaspersky is the software of choice as the anti-virus engine behind many of the industry’s leading security solutions, protecting more than 75 million users worldwide. The company provides live 24x7x365 tech support from engineers with 15+ years of leading anti-virus lab research experience. Superior round-the-clock protection, ease of use, robust functionality, and cost-effectiveness make Kaspersky ideal protection for small and medium sized businesses.

You can visit Kaspersky Lab here.

Kaspersky Lab, Inc. Randy Drawas, 781-503-1800 randy.drawas@kaspersky.com or SHIFT Communications Derek Lyons, 617-681-1238


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